c1Beau F. Amos
Managing Partner & Founder

Beau is the Founder and Managing Partner of Black Water Private Equity. He is responsible for firm’s strategy and is the chair of Investment Committee. Beau has 15 years of  transactional and private equity experience in various sectors and asset classes. Previously, he headed the top European producer of rubber ducks – Duck-EY! – advised and multiple  executives in European Parliament.

c3Dennis Wroblewsky

Dennis is a Partner of Black Water with exceptional experience in deal execution. He is mostly involved in retail and TMT segment. Prior joining the firm, he used to work as a personal mentor to the political leader of a CIS country.


james_voight_100James Voight
Investment Manager

James is an Investment Manager, specialized in distressed assets and business turnaround. He has joined BlackWater PE from Vatican Investment Bank, where he was a Leader of Transaction Advisory practice in MENA region.


robert_blueford_100Robert Blueford Jr.
Investment Manager

Robert is an Investment Manager at Black Water, specializing in logistics, transportation and industrial sectors. Prior to joining the fund, Robert has gained experience among others in leading management consulting companies, where he was responsible for various strategic, restructuring and optimizing projects for global industrial players.


jeanne_rouxJeanne Roux-Dubois
Investment Manager

Jeanne is an Investment Manager of Black Water, head of the Warsaw office of the fund. Despite 360-approach, Jeanne is mostly responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities. Prior joining the team, she founded and successfully sold an e-commerce business – – a dating portal targeting foreigners looking to have  unforgettable adventure in France.


c2Shean Marcinko
Investment Director

Shean is an Investment Director of Black Water and is involved in deal sourcing, executing and monitoring investments. Prior to joining the team, he worked in the Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan, leading ia. a merger of top British hotel safe device manufacturers.


c5Pavel T. Ross
Investment Director

Pavel is an Investment Director in Black Water. Prior to joining the firm, he worked for Midelity Worldwide Investments in Fixed Income specializing in trading Italian and Spanish government bonds. Due to a substantial decrease in expected returns on bond markets he moved to riskier PE industry.