Black Water PE:
B. F. Amos faces new issue of Forbes

Leadenhall Market, London, UK

Warsaw, 23 November 2016: Black Water Managing Partner, Beau F. Amos is facing a new issue of Forbes magazine (Polish edition) in relation with successful disposal of T55 – leading Finish independent GSM infrastructure operator. Besides focusing on the deal in an interview, Beau is presenting his view on current activity of the fund and explains, why Black Water did not invest in Hungarian company – Kronos Superos Kft., one of the leading local home appliances retailer. The issue is headlined with citation of our Managing Partner: ‘(…) from our point of view the key thing in any retail activity is sustainability and appropriate pricing strategy. The companies that aspires to be the market leader, should think two steps ahead and prevent unexpected decline in margins. Thus, it is very important to have well-thought strategy of defending it, that would take into account all of risks related to planned directions of expansion (…) I hope that Black Water PE will get a chance to stand in front of such challenge soon as we are still looking for opportunities in this sector in Europe’.