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Current Investments

dDeska SA

leading polish manufacturer of materials for the furniture industry. It produces various types of wood and wood-based products as well as veneer for furniture: chipboard (standard, laminated, wrapping), laminated boards, and the finish foils, foils for lamination and floor panels. The Company consistently develops its sales mainly in Germany. Blackwater has invested in the Company in 2015.

wWyrko SA

specializes in high quality mattresses and beds production. The Fund has acquired Wyrko (100% stake) in 2015 from family owners. The Company has production facility in Gubin (Eastern Germany).

CroComp d.d.

CroComp is an Information and Communications Technology company providing outsourcing services, consulting and dedicated solutions in the areas of telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine) as well as IoT (Internet of Things). Since Management buyout in early 2012, backed by Black Water PE, the company has successfully doubled the size of its operations.

DC Centers S.A.

DC Centers specializes in colocation, hosting and broadband data transmission. Thanks to capital injection made by Black Water Equity in late 2011, the company has become the leader of Polish Data Center market.


i5Sup-EX S.A.

Sup-Ex is a courier firm covering Polish market. Since investment in 2011, our shared ambition has been to leverage the firm into Polish leading parcel delivery company.


logo_ciuszekCiuszek as

Ciuszek as – is a fashion retailer from premium segment, offering clothing and accessories for women, men and kids, which the Fund purchased in 2011 from its founder. Currently, Blackwater has finished expansion phase and is preparing the company for exit.


logo_new_worldNew World S.A.

New World SA – specializes in hardware distribution in Poland. The company was acquired in 2014 and the Fund aims to transform it into Central European leader. The Company has also a network of POS in A-class locations in the biggest cities in country.


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Realized Investments

i6T55 Oy

T55, leading Finish independent GSM infrastructure operator, was bought out in 2011 from another PE fund and exited in second half of 2015. T55 was the first investment of Black Water in Nordic countries.


AB Power Systems GmbH

Power Systems specializes in the manufacturing equipment for reliable uninterruptible power supply systems, as well as equipment for improving the quality of electrical power. Black Water PE invested in the company in late 2010 and since then Power Systems accelerated its European expansion to exit from the company in late 2014.

Calatorie S.r.l.

The company is the leading booking platform in CSE. It enables customers to book airline tickets, hotels and car rental via the Internet. The fund invested in the development of the first airline reservation platform at the end of 2009. In late 2014, the company was sold to Kacper’s – global ecommerce operator.

i4Kablovnyj Spolecelny Konglomerat s.r.o.

KSK is the leading cable TV operator in the Czech Republic with an access to more than 1m households. KSK was acquired in early 2010 while being on the edge of profitability. Since then, the expertise of our team and restructuring have turned the Company into profitable operator which as the first one in the continental Europe offered TV and VOD service in 4K format.

Globetourer kft.

Globetourer, the first investment of the fund realized in 2009 and exited late 2013, was sold to грузовик, a leading Russian logistics operator. Globetourer is a CSE-wide cargo operator with a fleet of 1,100 trucks.